Monday, August 6, 2007

The Hewlett Bay Company

A 1908 article in The New York Times (June 14, 1908, p. 12) recounts purchase of a 650 acre tract of land by the Hewlett Bay Company for a residential community between Hewlett and East Rockaway. The land, acquired by attorney Joseph Auerbach, was originally owned by the Hewlett family and was established by land grants to the Hewletts from Queen Anne of Great Britain (1665-1714) .

The owners listed in the Times article include Auerbach, R.W. Stevenson, William Voss, George Seargent Jr., A.W. Connoble, George T. Hewlett and H.C. Everdell. The land was restricted to building one residence every five acres.

Further resources:
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"Big Long Island Land Deal", The New York Times, 12/23/1899, p. 12.
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